01 Nov 2010
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11 more weird pages on Wikipedia

What do you get when you take a world full of edit-happy Wiki-enthusiasts and let them lose on the world’s biggest encyclopaedia? 11 more of the weirdest pages on Wikipedia.

  1. LOUNGECHAIR LARRY SOARS (INTO ONCOMING AIRCRAFT) "A man can’t just sit around,” said Larry Walters. So he did what any unreasonable person would do, and in the process became ‘Lawnchair Larry’. tinyurl.com/lawnchairlarry
  2. THE ‘WOW’ SIGNAL (ALIENS SAY "BOO!”) We may have already made contact with life in outer space, and it seems they need to learn to use their "inside voice”. tinyurl.com/wowsignal
  3. THE WELL TO HELL (BOREHOLE NOT SO BORING) Thinking about drilling a nine miles deep hole in your backyard? Think again! tinyurl.com/welltohell
  4. MICHAEL ‘I’LL EAT ANYTHING’ MALLOY Michael Malloy is a modern-day Rasputin, who holds the dubious honour of being famous for surviving multiple attempts on his life. And while he may have been great at retaining his mortal coil, he sure didn’t know how to pick his friends. tinyurl.com/michaelmalloy
  5. THE DYATLOV PASS INCIDENT The seriously strange and seriously creepy story of the 1959 Dyatlov Pass incident. What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? Oh. tinyurl.com/dyatlovpass
  6. UVB-76 (AKA THE BUZZER) This Russian radio station transmits a buzzing, monotonous tone 24 hours a day. Well you don’t have to go to Russia to find that. tinyurl.com/radiouvb76
  7. ELM FARM OLLIE (AKA ‘SKY QUEEN’) Cows didn’t always fly on aeroplanes, you know. No, it took a very special bovine to "blaze a trail for the transportation of livestock by air”. tinyurl.com/elmfarmollie
  8. GLOBSTERS A globster is a revolting blob of unknown origin that you find lying on a beach. tinyurl.com/globsters
  9. THE SEATTLE PITTED WINDSHIELDS INCIDENT Pitted windscreen? Flat tire? Out of gas? No it’s not your fault, it’s probably teen vandals. tinyurl.com/pittedwindshields
  10. PAUL FELIX ARMAND-DELILLE After all was said and done, he probably described it as a hilarious ‘myxup’.  Seriously though, it was awful. tinyurl.com/unfortunatemyxup
  11. CHEATING AT THE PARALYMPIC GAMES Unfortunately, it’s not always just about having fun. tinyurl.com/spiritofthethingfail

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