FutureFive NZ - 150 million users for Apple's iCloud

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150 million users for Apple's iCloud

According to a survey conducted  by RBC Capital, Apple’s upcoming cloud service iCloud could launch with 150 million subscribers.

The survey of iPhone users was taken a week after Steve Jobs' iCloud announcement. 76% of respondents said they would sign up to the free components of iCloud. While 73% would adopt iMessage and 30% to the iTunes music matching service.

The free components of iCloud include a free email account, back-up service and data syncing technology. iMessage is a instant messaging service that works over your data connection like BlackBerry’s messaging service, saving txt message costs. The iTunes music matching service is the only option in the survey that costs subscribers money, at $24.99 US per annum.

1,500 people completed the survey and when extrapolated out to the population of iOS users would mean that Apple’s new iCloud could start with upwards of 150 million users.

Hat tip to the story on CNN here.

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