2.2m Kiwis Like Facebook

15 Oct 12

Over two million Kiwis are using Facebook, representing nearly half of the country's population.

With 2,262,200 people on Facebook who say they live in New Zealand, the social networking site says 1,211,000 are women.

The news comes a week after founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the site to celebrate the company topping one billion active users across the globe.

Calling for a "more open and connected world", Zuckerberg also said the site has enjoyed 17 billion location tags since it's creation, with users currently connecting with 140.3 billion friends.

A Herald-DigiPoll survey by the New Zealand Herald showed the Kiwis who use social media, over half use it for less than half an hour each day.

But despite the admissions, social media expert Andrew Long told the New Zealand Herald he believed the figures were much higher.

"Either they're underestimating it, they're mistaken or they're lying because maybe their bosses might read it," he says.

"It started off as a very personal space but now you've got organisations of every kind in there.

"People say they don't particularly get any satisfaction from it, but it's seen as a necessary evil in today's world because that's where everyone is."

Are you one of the 2.2m Kiwis on Facebook? Are you addicted? Tell us why below

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