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2degrees business market attack begins - 6 facts

05 Jul 11

2degrees wants many of New Zealand’s 400,000 small businesses to swap their mobile phones to its network.

Chief Executive Eric Hertz says New Zealand businesses have been frustrated by a mix of high prices, poor service and inflexible contracts, but that’s about to change. "The monthly mobile bill is one of the biggest expenses for many businesses, and, unfortunately, one they’ve had too little choice about.  We are excited to offer services to these customers because we know they are tired of paying too much and are ready for a change,” said Mr Hertz.

"We asked businesses to send in their mobile bills, so we could see how much our plans could save them.  The results suggest business mobile competition is well overdue, with 8 out of 10 businesses who responded able to save over 25% if they switch to 2degrees Business,” says Mr Hertz.

The key planks of the offering:

1)Free calling group between team members on the same bill.

2)You can mix and match plan types, so low and heavy users can all be billed together.

3)Every person on your companies bill can have their own wallet of ‘carry over minutes’, along with a bundle of texts and data to use as required.


4)For just $10 extra, the business can add a frequently called number, so everyone in your business can call a landline or 2degrees mobile at no extra cost.

5)Your company’s administrator can also monitor and control your account 24/7 via the 2degrees self-care portal.

6)2degrees has setup a special 24 hour line for business customers to call about their account on 0800 022 BIZ, with a team of 70 business sales consultants to handle your enquiry.

In two short years 2degrees has seriously impacted the consumer mobile marketplace, will it do the same to business?