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2degrees introduces auto top-up

2degrees has announced a new feature for prepay customers that allows them to top up their mobile credit balances with minimal hassle.

The new “auto top-up” service will send a warning text to 2degrees customers once their balance falls below $2.50, which will also ask the customer if they’d like to top up. The user need only text back “y” for yes, and a predetermined amount between $20 and $100 will be added to the user’s account (provided that their credit card details are registered).

In a media statement sales and marketing manager Larrie Moore says the service has been introduced owing to customer feedback.

“We know that nearly 70% of New Zealanders are on pre-pay,” said 2degrees’ Sales and Marketing Manager, Larrie Moore. “They are on pre-pay because they like to be in control of their mobile expenditure and don’t want to be locked into lengthy contracts. But our customers have told us that what they don’t like about pre-pay is the worry of running out of credit at an inopportune moment, or having to pop out to the shop every time they want to top up. The launch of Auto Top Up eliminates all the hassle and gives New Zealanders a unique pre-pay/post-pay hybrid.”

So how does this compare to prepay methods from 2degrees’ rivals.

Telecom provides a similar service called MTopup, but only for customers of ASB, TSB and Kiwibank. The difference is that customers have to text mTopup to a number when they run out of prepay – a text isn’t sent out to them to approve an automatic top up.

Vodafone customers can register their credit card details and when they reach a point where they have little credit left they get a text reminder to top up. They must then they follow the voice prompts and use their pre-loaded credit card. In addition Vodafone has an IOU service for those with no money – they can add a set amount once a month under an IOU scheme.

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