FutureFive NZ - 2degrees lets users share data across their devices

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2degrees lets users share data across their devices

2degrees has launched a new data-sharing service that lets users connect up to five additional devices to the same data account, provided each device has a 2degrees SIM card.

However, customers will have to be careful accessing the service, because if their monthly data limit is exceeded, any data used by any gadget on the plan will be charged at the standard per MB rate.

The supported devices include USB modems, tablets, and even other mobiles.

For customers who may be worried about overspending under the new scheme, 2degrees also offers a tool called Spend Control that keeps tabs on data usage and sends the user an email when they are within 10% of their limit.

2degrees says the data sharing service will be free until December 7 this year, after which time it will cost $5 per month, plus $1 per month for each device.

Check out the 2degrees website for more info on the service.

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