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2degrees prevent awkwardness of having no mobile data

Recent research from 2degrees shows that Kiwis are more dependent than ever on mobile data. This shouldn’t exactly come as a shock, but it seems that things can get pretty awkward when the data we cherish so much runs out.

In my experience, data always runs out when you need it the most. It seems other Kiwis agree, with every day situations taking a turn for the worst. Problems include having to put groceries back, needing directions from traffic officers and botching new love interests.

For something that we rely on so much, and base parts of our lives around, Kiwis are more or less in the dark about mobile data. Four in five Kiwis surveyed still don’t know what a megabyte will do for them, let alone a thousand of them.

The research, commissioned by 2degrees, shows that more than 70% of Kiwis don’t know how much mobile data they’re actually using when they browse the web or stream videos and music. More than 40% worry about the cost of using data.

Roy Ong, 2degrees CMO says that 2degrees is offering a solution to help Kiwis understand their data usage and avoid awkward situations.

“2degrees is today launching Data Clock, an app that allows Prepay customers to purchase unlimited data on a time basis. Pricing will be dynamic and will vary from day-to-day but introductory pricing will start from as little as fifty cents,” he says.

2degrees is the first telco in New Zealand to offer such a solution, and just the fourth in the world.

“We’ve found people don’t understand how much data they need but interestingly at the same time we’ve never seen more data use on our network. An overwhelming 73% of respondents did not know how much data it takes to stream a movie and 80% didn’t know how much data they consume when they browse the internet so why only charge on that basis?” explains Ong.

“Unlike megabytes and gigabytes, time is something everyone understands. Now you can download the app, purchase a pack and you’re done, it’s that simple – no more embarrassing moments at the supermarket. We hope.”

The research shows some of the frustrating, relatable, and frankly humorous situations that people find themselves in when their data dries up.

A woman who recently moved to Napier was late because she couldn’t use her data to find the address.

“I arrived late on my first day because I had run out of data and couldn't look up the address or where to go on Google Maps. They all thought I was just late, but really I was lost,” she says.

A common problem among respondents was finding themselves unable to pay for purchases like groceries. One person says “trying to make a purchase at a shop, and my EFTPOS card declines. But I can't check or transfer money on the spot because I have no data to use the app.”

One man told of a time where a lack of data may have cost him a soulmate.

“Trying to talk to a new girlfriend and I run out of data, then she thinks I am not interested,” he says. Awkward.

Data Clock is available now for all 2degrees Prepay customers.

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