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33rd Division

04 Dec 2009

LINE-DRAWING STEALTH GAME The goal is to escort your men without enemy patrols noticing them. In this stealth game you must make quick and strategic decision based on your actual situation. FEATURES play it for 5 minutes or a few hours 2 game difficulty modes – Life and Time 4 great WW2 missions situated in Europe Mighty power-ups growing game difficulty with Mortar & Sudden death in-game modes 3 different allies units and 4 different axis patrols with unique voices original soundtrack with ability to play your own music polished graphics & level design tutorial and mission briefs tactical save when you quit Online score using OpenFeint 2 GAME MODES Life mode is for casual players. You start with 5 lives and when a man is killed you lose one life. You can gain a life back if you are good commander. Game is over when you have no lives. Time mode is for hardcore players. You must watch the time. When a man is escorted you gain seconds, when a man is killed you lose seconds. Game is over when you have no seconds left. MIGHTY POWER-UPS 8 bonus items appearing randomly on map. Including double speed, invisibility, life and time bonus, various score bonuses, frozen enemies… GROWING GAME DIFFICULTY The more soldiers you save, the more enemy patrols appear. Later in game you can expect mortar fire or sudden-death. You never know what to expect next. TROOPS In your division there are Soldiers, Medics and Sergeants. They are moving by various speeds and you gain different points. Also enemy units are diverse, you will meet a watchdog, a heavy machine-gunner, a sidecar etc. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK AND VOICES Every map has its own original background music. All troops have unique character voices by Arin Hanson, The Egoraptor. ONLINE SCORE Each map and game mode has its own leaderboard using OpenFeint.