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5+ A Day gets interactive with new educators resource
Thu, 16th Feb 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A new website from 5+ A Day has been launched in a move to help educators teach children about healthy eating.

The new interactive education website provides free teaching resources, making them more accessible to educators.

The ‘Growing and Learning with 5+ A Day' website includes new interactive features and is home to the 5+ A Day material currently used in early childhood centres, primary, intermediate and secondary schools nationwide.

The website includes lesson plans and interactive activities that educators can use in class. These resources are designed to teach children the importance of growing, eating fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables and food technology.

5+ A Day has been developing free teaching resources for the past 15 years. During that time, they have distributed over 20,000 resources to early childhood centres and schools nationwide.

All the resources are linked to the New Zealand curriculum and the new components have been developed by New Zealand education specialists, Cognition Education.

Additionally, 5+ A Day has developed five engaging eBooks for primary school students starring Fredge, the 5+ A Day mascot.

According to the organisation, research has shown that well-designed eBooks can produce a number of positive outcomes - one being that children tend to spend more time reading an eBook than a printed book. And because eBooks can engage children for longer, they repeatedly read them, which can help improve literacy skills, especially for children with reading difficulties, it says.

The eBooks and teaching resources have been specifically designed to stimulate discussion about particular concepts, while supporting students to actively learn about 5+ A Day.

“Children are quick to pick up on digital technology and we are keen to help them learn more about healthy eating and gardening through our eBooks,” says 5+ A Day general manager, Paula Dudley.

“The new website is dedicated to educators and will include lesson plans, fact files and photo cards,” she says.

“Topics include germination to healthy eating.

Visit the new website here: www.5adayeducation.org.nz for free education resources linked to The New Zealand Curriculum