FutureFive NZ - 8-year-old boy kills Gran after playing GTA

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8-year-old boy kills Gran after playing GTA

You couldn’t make this story up, the town of Slaughter in Louisiana, is in deep shock after an eight-year-old boy intentionally shot and killed his grandmother minutes after playing GTA IV, US authorities claim.

Reports from Sky News suggest the boy was able to access the family’s gun and shoot the 90 year old in the head as she sat watching television.

The woman who was looking after the child was pronounced dead at the scene by medics at Country Breeze Mobile Home Park.

Sheriffs have not revealed if there was any motive involved but confirmed the child was playing GTA before the fatal incident.

GTA is rated “M” for mature and is only recommended for ages 17 and over, but it has been linked with encouraging violence and awards points to players for killing people.

Local TV station WAFB-TV reported that the child told investigators that he accidentally shot his grandmother whilst playing with the fire-arm, but evidence shows he deliberately shot her in the back of the head.

A local neighbour added, “Where did she have the gun? Where did he see the gun, was it in his eyesight? That’s the thought that goes through my head.”

This incident has led to child psychologists stating access to such games as GTA for a minor may encourage aggressive behaviour.

Kristopher Kaliebe added; “When you have a video game that is shooting at a human being, that is practice [for] shooting at a human being.”

The child is being comforted by his parents, and under Louisiana State Law is exempt from criminal responsibility as he is under ten.

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