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9 apps to help you survive Valentine’s Day

Are you wondering how you’re going to make it through Valentine’s Day? Don’t know how to celebrate the occasion with your significant other? Don’t know how to ignore the flood of loved up couples? Hey, we’ve got your back.

Here are a list of apps that will help you get through Saint Valentine’s special day, together or alone.

For couples

Fingle. This app is as weird as it sounds. It comes in at a total of $2.59 and is a two-player game designed to get you and your partner up close and personal with each other’s fingers.

It’s like Twister but with your hands, and there are more than 90 levels so you can go all night. True love here you come.

Menus.co.nz is your guide to restaurants, bars and cafes in your area. Dine like champs and have a game of Fingle while you wait for your food, because who doesn't want the thrill of touching fingers over a digital device?

Want to burn off your Valentine’s Day treats and still enjoy the day with your loved one? Enter, Sexercise, the $2.59 app that shows you more than 70 positions designed to burn calories.

It has five categories: Women’s Favourites, Men’s Favourites, Extreme, Tantra and Water, and will show you the burn rate and what muscles each position targets. Super sexy.

When you’re struggling to decide what to get that someone special in your life, think outside the box.

Instead of going for the usual chocolates, flowers, bears and cards, why not treat them to boxing classes or learn how to cook Thai food together? How better to bond than seeing each other out of your element?

The Groupon app is a good place to start for inspiration and deals. Just steer clear of the bulk lots of dishwashing tablets, car services and selfie sticks. Not. Hot.

For singles

Hook-up apps are descending on app stores like crazy, heralded by the one, the only, Tinder.

This free dating app has become synonymous with ‘hook-up’ and with the largest number of active users, you’re likely to find someone to spend the day (or night) with.

It’s up to you, however, to decide if it’s weird to have a first date on Valentine’s day. Up to you, my friend.

OkCupid is another dating app that’s free, but you have the option to pay for more services.

You take a variety of personality tests, create a profile and you’re away, lost in a whirlwind adventure of cheesy pick-up lines, awkward introductions and first dates.

Or, alternatively, you could ditch online dating all together. What a novel idea. Learn something new, jam out in your pyjamas, or discover a corner of your city you’ve never been.

The free app Duolingo can teach you the basics of Spanish, German, Protuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish and Swedish.

Level up, play games and feel more exotic than you are. Bonjour, salut, tres bien, carpe diem, c’est la vie, baguette, oui oui. Feeling more cultured already.

Throw off those inhibitions and shake it like there’s no tomorrow with the free Dance Party app.

Word of warning, you won’t look like J-Lo no matter how many times you run through the hip hop routine, so just hold onto your day job for now.

Want to get away and leave it all behind? Get out of the city or discover it anew with a travel app.

iTravelNZ is free and has a range of lookouts, landmarks and locations all around the country. Sticking with the natural wonders, you can see some of the glory that is New Zealand, and calm your soul. It is just a day, after all.

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