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A new era for Norton

Symantec is looking to simplify and personalise consumer-grade PC and mobile device security, launching a new cloud-based delivery platform, Norton One, as well as a new multi-device package for its Norton 360 software, Norton 360 Everywhere.

David Hall, consumer product spokesperson for Symantec in Asia Pacific, says everybody knows they need security software, but few people know what kind is best for them.

"People don’t usually know what products they have,” Hall says.

"If you ask them, they’ll just say, I have Norton.”

Rather than try to make people take an interest, Symantec decided what was needed was a delivery platform that was more like membership of a club than purchase of a subscription.

Norton One is that club – a cloud-based platform which allows the user to log in and view the status of all of their devices in one clean, clear interface.

Users can even manage devices across multiple households, allowing people to check the security of devices in use by parents, grandparents or other non-technically-savvy friends or family members.

Symantec is even offering 24/7 user support in the form of live chat or sub-two-minute instant callbacks.

To support the new approach, Symantec has also launched Norton 360 Everywhere, a single-box package that ties together security for PCs, Macs, and Android-based phones and tablets. Up to five devices can be supported, meaning one membership could support an entire household.

Norton One is currently running in a pilot program for customers in the US, UK and Australia, but will be available to the public in March for $199.99. Norton 360 Everywhere will be available in April for $149.99. The latest version of Norton 360, version 6.0, is available for $129.99 for up to three PCs. Hall says any previous subscriptions will be prorated for customers who sign up to Norton One or Norton Everywhere.

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