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A safer way to pay and play online

All the recent news coverage around the hacking of some of the world’s biggest gaming sites is enough to make even the most hardcore gamer log off.
Fortunately, there is now a solution. Prepaid cards have been rising in popularity for all different areas of consumption – from food to retail – and now they are available for gaming sites as well. Players can get set up with the prepaid game card of their choice by visiting the Warehouse. From FarmVille to League of Legends, Moshi Monsters to Xbox and Sony Playstation, there is something for everyone with differing values to suit all pockets.
Ezi-Pay is the organisation behind this smart new idea, and it has assured gamers that these prepaid gaming cards provide a safe and secure way to load value to online accounts.
This means that gamers can now rejoice as they head safely back online. But if you have a game addict for a partner or child, you might want to hide this article from them!

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