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AccuWeather brings sunshine to Apple TV
Tue, 17th May 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

AccuWeather is now available on Apple TV, and the company hopes to make weather forecasts more accessible and more accurate for consumers. AccuWeather, who has been servicing over 1.5 billion consumers and businesses, has developed new technology that allows users to access HD weather content in over 100 languages, worldwide radar condition data and up-to-the-minute forecasts, all in conjunction with Apple TV location. Steve Smith, AccuWeather's president of Digital Media, says "AccuWeather continues to demonstrate its commitment to an expansive global digital strategy with this application. Viewers can rely on AccuWeather's personalized, exclusive weather experience on Apple TV, in addition to the AccuWeather iOS app, for weather information and updates with Superior Accuracy.” In addition, AccuWeather says it will immediately release weather warnings to alert Apple TV consumers as information becomes available, with the aim of keeping users up-to-date at all times and ready for any potential weather hazards. AccuWeather has previously been accessible via web, Android and iOS devices, and the new shift to Apple TV will increase its market to include more worldwide locations. AccuWeather currently services over 180,000 websites worldwide. Apple TV's market is growing, however the company only released its latest Apple TV in 2015. Apple TV is also available in New Zealand.