Adobe: Apple's problem with Flash "ridiculous"

27 Oct 10

It’s no secret that Steve Jobs isn’t a fan of Flash but Adobe Chief Executive Shantanu Narayen says that Apple’s concerns are “ridiculous”.

At the Adobe MAX 2010 conference, Chief Exec Shantanu Narayen said, “Any Apple claims about this being a technical issue is ridiculous. When you look at the partnerships we have with Android and others no-one else has a problem with Flash. We need open technologies for customers.”

To hammer the point home, Adobe brought its Chief Technical Officer on stage and demonstrated Flash working on a variety of tablets that included RIM’s Playbook and Android devices from Samsung and Malata.

Flash is already supported in Android and RIM operating systems with a version coming soon for Windows Phone 7 will be out shortly he said.

Motorola’s VP of Software Apps, Christy Wyatt, said, “Anyone not giving you Flash on a mobile device isn’t giving you the full internet.”

Source: V3

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