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Adobe CS5 gets HTML5 support

22 May 2010

Adobe is offering a free HTML5 extension pack for Creative Suite 5 (CS5) users, after Apple called HTML5 the web standard of the future.  

The extension will be available for Dreamweaver in CS5 and will allow web designers and developers to easily integrate HTML5 capabilities into projects. 

Adobe said that the extension will provide more options for users “so they can more easily create, deliver and optimise compelling content consistently, across the widest array of screens, to maximise revenue streams and forward their businesses”. 

The extension pack includes new code hinting for HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities so that Dreamweaver users can easily make use of new HTML5 tags. The extension also includes WebKit engine updates and improvements and HTML5 starter layouts. 

This extension comes after the company’s efforts to create a Flash to iPhone format exporter were blocked by Apple’s Software Development Kit (SDK) requirements. After the situation, many claimed that Adobe should spend less time focusing on Flash and more effort incorporating HTML5 into its products. 

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has previously said that HTML5 is the way of the future in terms of web standards. 

The HTML5 extension pack for CS5 users is now available as a free download here.