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Adobe Photoshop Celebrates its 20th birthday!

18 Feb 2010

Today (February 18) marks the 20th anniversary of Photoshop and around the world, the company and its legions of Photoshop fans are celebrating the impact their favourite software has had across photography, art, design, publishing and commerce.  Photoshop has had a massive impact on multimedia all over the globe - effecting everything from packaging to products, architecture, the web, art, photography, journalism, science and more recently the hugely successful 3D blockbuster Avatar!

 Photoshop is a historic software tool that has transformed the way we interact with images while also being key driver of change in media across the last 20 years as the world switched over to the new millennium.

There are global festivities of interest occurring to mark this milestone birthday for Photoshop, including:

-  In the US, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) will be hosting a special Photoshop 20th Anniversary celebration for over a thousand attendees in San Francisco at the Palace of the Fine Arts Theatre today. You can check out the live webcast here: www.photoshopuser.com/photoshop20th

-  In Japan, Southeast Asia and throughout Europe. In honour of the 20th anniversary, Adobe Germany will host a special 20-hour online marathon, featuring over 15 local Photoshop “gurus” demonstrating their favourite tips and tricks live for Photoshop fans

-  In India and France, digital imaging contests will be held to showcase the work of Photoshop users.

-  A special Adobe TV broadcast will also air on the anniversary date at http://tv.adobe.com/go/photoshop-20th-anniversary, reuniting the original “Photoshop team” for the first time in 18 years, to discuss their early work on the software and demonstrate Photoshop 1.0 on a rebuilt Macintosh computer

-  The celebrations also continue on social networks. The world can connect with the already 400,000 strong Facebook fans of Photoshop at www.facebook.com/Photoshop or https://twitter.com/photoshop where you can add the tag #PS20 to any tweets about the anniversary

Michael Stoddart, an Adobe Photoshop guru is a great spokesperson who can talk about Photoshop and the creative industry in general. I you would like, he is available to talk through some recent Photoshop developments including some of the designs and projects it has been used in, including as mentioned above the production of the 3D blockbuster Avatar. Check out the video link I’ve included below on Avatar and how Adobe helped in the production. LinksAvatar customer story videoAvatar Showcase