FutureFive NZ - Afternoon Procrastination Time: Play Pac-Man in Google Maps

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Afternoon Procrastination Time: Play Pac-Man in Google Maps

Just in time for April’s Fools Day, Google has today put smiles on users’ faces once again by enabling classic Atari game and fan favourite Pac-Man on Google Maps.

The feature allows Google Maps users to play the Pac-Man game anywhere in the world as the maze by clicking on a new Pac-Man icon the sits next to the Earth View option. Google will then transform your locations’ streets into the Pac-Man game style, and you’re on your way.

Choose from your own hometown streets or why not travel the globe and do Pac-Man in style. Enter a location anywhere in the world, click on the Pac-Man icon and get your fingers moving.

The rules are basically the same as the original Atari game, except Google allows you to play on diagonol streets. Players need to collect all the tiny white dots to compete a level.

Once again, the search engine giant has found the perfect afternoon procrastinator, so why not try it out straight away? You can give it a go here

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