15 Dec 2014
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Driving Apple Apps

Akilla app to prevent drowsy driving in NZ

By Catherine Knowles

For the 2014 New Zealand Drowsy Driver Awareness Day a drowsy driving educational app, known as Akilla, is being released for free.

The app will be full of information on how to avoid drowsy driving and the potentially dire consequences. It also includes a 15 minute power nap timer to ensure drivers can get some rest and get where they need to be on time, or home safely.

In  2010 Government Officials under the New Zealand Safer Journeys Strategy ranked drowsy driving as a ‘medium priority’. The Auckland Car Crash Study on drowsy driving crashes found that 19% of crashes involving hospitalisation or death of a car occupant could be attributed to driver sleepiness.

Internationally, however, drowsy driving is regarded as second equal to drink driving crashes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration based in the United States, estimates 100,000 police reported crashes are the direct result of drowsy driving every year.

The Akilla drowsy driving educational campaign was set up in May 2005, to educate New Zealanders about the dangers of drowsy driving and promote sleep safety education throughout the country.

Available on Google Play, iPhone and Windows smartphones the app is available now. To find out more, click here.

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