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All hands aboard the hype-train: The Infinity Wars have finally arrived

Marvel fans rejoice as the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. 

That’s right the first Infinity wars trailer has dropped and it looks amazing. 

You can check it out here: 

If you haven’t caught up with all the Marvel movies I’d turn back now as major spoilers lie ahead.

So any diehard Marvel fan can tell you that they have been dropping hints to their end-game for years.

Every single movie in the MCU has essentially been a lead-up to Infinity Wars. 

You may remember the infinity stones dotted throughout the Marvel films, from the top of my head I can point out a few, firstly the one in Vision’s head, then there is one the Guardians of the Galaxy sought out in their first film and then finally there is the Tesseract. 

In Infinity Wars the big bad, Thanos, is looking to get all of the stones and put them in his big gold glove.

With each stone, he gains more powers and essentially becomes an unstoppable god.

Needless to say, I expect that a lot of our favourite Marvel characters might get axed within these films. 

Even just during Thanos’ collection of the stones, we may lose Vision, as the stone in his head keep him alive. 

I am so excited for this film and I think every Marvel fan should be too.

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