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All Samsung phones will now have fingerprint scanners, yes, even the low-range ones

Suprema, a global leader in biometrics and identity solutions, announced that the company's BioSign mobile fingerprint authentication algorithm has been selected by Samsung for the Galaxy J5 and Galaxy A7.

These are two of Samsung’s cheapest devices, which usually means that these kinds of features are stripped from the device.

 Suprema introduced BioSign 2.0 in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Enhanced by latest AI technology, BioSign 2.0 supports small fingerprint sensors and offers robust authentication performance over time and environment.

BioSign 2.0 also provides exceptional versatility in integration as it supports different shapes and types of fingerprint sensors.

The company states that BioSign 2.0 is an essential solution for mid-to-low range smartphones as it reduces production cost by supporting smaller sensors and provides higher fingerprint authentication performance with low-end processors.​

BioSign 2.0 achieves 50ms authentication speeds in high-end smartphones with high-performance processors and 100ms speeds with low-end processors.

Smartphones users often experience decreasing fingerprint authentication performance over usage time, but BioSign promises that the 2.0's self-learning algorithm actually increases accuracy over time.

BioSign 2.0 processes authentication with only a small fingerprinting area and provides consistent performance with different shapes of sensors including bar, square and slim shapes.

Brian Song, Suprema CEO says, “Like a camera, fingerprints are now an essential feature in smartphones, initially in premium phones and now in mid-to-low range phones.

“BioSign 2.0 is the most economical and efficient solution in mid-to-low range smartphones, starting with the Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 and Galaxy A7, we expect to see BioSign 2.0 becoming widely available in many other smartphone models.”

“As BioSign is a software based solution, it will contribute to Suprema's revenue as well.”

Suprema is a leading global provider of biometrics and security technology.

By combining world renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema promises to design and develop industry leading products and solutions.

Suprema's portfolio includes biometric access control systems, time and attendance solutions, fingerprint live scanners, mobile authentication solutions and embedded fingerprint modules.

Suprema has worldwide sales network in over 130 countries and is one of the world's Top 50 security companies.

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