06 Dec 2012
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Amazon unveils kid's Kindle in US

Amazon has introduced Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, a subscription service covering children's books, games, educational apps and videos.

Labelled as "one simple, unlimited, easy-to-use service for kids ages 3-8", the company says subscribers will receive access to "thousands" of popular kids titles.

Costing a monthly fee of US$4.99 per child, the deal also includes family plans covering up to six children at US$9.99 per month.

Amazon says the key point of difference is the ability to allow children to explore content on their own and pick for themselves what to read, watch or play.

“As a parent it’s hard to predict what my daughter is going to enjoy, or which movie she’s going to watch 50 times in a row—so I buy a range of content and hope for the best—but I get it wrong frequently,” says Peter Larsen, vice president, Amazon Kindle.

“FreeTime Unlimited gives kids the freedom to explore age-appropriate content on their own and pick for themselves what they want to watch, play or read next.

"Your child will have unlimited access to thousands of popular books, games, educational apps, movies and TV shows from Disney, Nickelodeon, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, PBS, Sesame Workshop and more.”

All apps have in-app payments, advertisements and social media removed, meaning parents do not need to worry that kids will run up a bill.

"We hope that our devices are really, really attractive for families," Larsen says.

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