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Amber Technology unveils Imagine Series with PSB Speakers
Fri, 15th Mar 2024

Amber Technology, collaborating with PSB Speakers, has announced the launch of its new Imagine Series. The series is designed to provide an enriching at-home entertainment experience, pursuing a no-compromise approach to sound. The focus is on delivering the true essence of music to the listener, as inspired by the original music production.

The much-anticipated Imagine Series will launch at the Australian Hi-Fi Show, which will take place at the Sydney Central Hotel from Friday, April 5th, to Sunday, April 7th, 2024.

PSB Speakers' new Imagine series is a product of immersive expertise developed over five decades in loudspeaker design. This expertise is now enshrined in the latest-generation products: the B50 Bookshelf, T54, and T65 Tower speakers. All these items embody elegance, premium sound, and unparalleled value synonymous with the PSB brand.

By incorporating technology from PSB's flagship Synchrony Series, design inspiration from the premium PWM Series, and capitative value engineering from the Alpha Series, the Imagine Series aims to deliver the signature "True to Nature" sound to a wider audience. This series exhibits advanced crossover designs and fully complementing driver features, ensuring seamless integration with existing PSB Speaker lines for an inclusive audio experience.

Noteworthy features of the Imagine Series range from the profound low-frequency dive of the T65 Tower to the encompassing soundstage of the T54 Tower. The B50 Bookshelf's surprisingly deep bass extension is another distinct characteristic. These features aim to create an experience wherein every note, beat, and chord echoes exactly as intended by the musician, thereby simulating the live concert experience in Australian homes.

Besides sound quality, the Imagine series underlines the importance of an authentic listening experience. Available in Satin White and Black finishes, this series is an invitation to households to rethink and re-imagine the possibilities of in-home audio.

The key technological elements leading to this enhanced listening experience include woven carbon fibre cones for the woofers and midrange, mass-loaded rubber surrounds with Grade A magnet structures, a Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order crossover design, a low-resonance MDF cabinet equipped with comprehensive bracing, 1x1 (25mm) titanium dome tweeters offering Ferrofluid damping and neodymium magnets, and a three-way dual bass reflex design.

The Imagine Series aims to redefine what's expected of in-home audio solutions, merging value for money with top-tier sound. As per the recommended retail prices (RRP), the Imagine B50 costs AUD $1,249.00, the Imagine T54 costs AUD $2,699.00, and the Imagine T65 costs AUD $3,599.00.

This launch marks a significant step for Amber Technology and PSB Speakers in home entertainment, giving Australians the chance to experience unparalleled sound quality in the comfort of their homes.