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Amex to offer daily deals on Facebook
Wed, 20th Jul 2011
FYI, this story is more than a year old

American Express has launched its foray into the Daily Deal market, Link, Like, Love, in a move that will have many Daily Deal websites taking notice.

The American Express system runs as a Facebook app, allowing the credit card giant to target coupons directly to the tastes of users and their friends.

Furthermore, since American Express is accepting payments for the deals, users will no longer have to run the risk of missing out if they fail to claim their coupon before the expiry date, or go through the hassle of printing their coupons.

Once a user has selected a deal, American Express logs their selection, then automatically deducts the discount from their payment to the vendor.

If the deal is not claimed, the user doesn’t have to pay.

The system also saves users the embarrassment of handing over a physical coupon at a location like a restaurant or movie theatre.

Unfortunately, American Express couldn’t give TechDay an indication of when the app may be available in New Zealand, if at all.

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