13 Jan 2015
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Andriod App Review: Amazing Ninja

By Eddie Monotone

Amazing Ninja is a basic game in terms of its look and feel, but throws challenges at you quickly enough to keep boredom away.

The name seems a little redundant, given that ninjas are amazing by definition, and this is reinforced by just how many variations there are on that title on the Google Play store. Ninjas are always amazing, and they’re amazing in ways that lend themselves to all sorts of fun gameplay – stealth, action, strategy, or in this case running and jumping.

The game is very simple: jump over the good ninjas, slice the bad ninjas, and try not to fall down any holes. But the game moves at such a quick pace that just these three elements prove to be enough of a challenge, and it took me plenty of goes even to get past the first couple of hurdles. The controls are simple, but it’s judging your timing that makes the game tricky, and as soon as you’ve cleared one obstacle the next one’s bearing down on you almost immediately.

The art style is crudely basic, and walks that fine line between ‘minimalist aesthetic’ and ‘didn’t really put enough effort into the graphics’. I didn’t mind it, but it certainly isn’t what you’d call detailed or eye catching. The sound is fairly minimal as well – the swoosh of your sword or a yelp as your ninja plummets to his doom is pretty much all you get. It doesn’t feel like the game is lacking in this department though, and what sound effects there are do a lot to add to its charm.

Overall Amazing Ninja is a brief diversion at best. There’s no story to speak of, and the gameplay doesn’t have a lot of variety. But the speed and challenge might make it fun to dip into now and again, and while the game itself might not be amazing, it’s not bad enough to make you worry that ninjas aren’t.

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