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Android App of the Week - Auckland Buses

Get real public transport information direct on your phone with Auckland Buses.

There’s an Auckland Transport App from the council but this one is much better. While the public transport system in Auckland is horrendous, this app helps make it a little more bearable!

The app is quite simple, check when your bus is due at your stop by typing in the stop number and you can see how far away your bus is in real time – not estimated time.

The app uses real time from data supplied by maxx.co.nz but is not affiliated with Maxx or Auckland Transport.

For those annoying bus stops that don’t feature electronic signs, this app is really useful. It’s also really handy to check how far away your bus is while still at home or in class, so you don’t have to wait around at the bus stop for ages.

The only thing that may hold some users up is that you have to know the bus stop number as you can’t search by street address.

But once you know the bus stop number, it’s really simple to use and does exactly what it says on the box.

You can save your most used bus stops to your favourites too, so you don’t have to enter in the bus stop number each time.

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