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Android App of the Week - Facebook

Instead of reviewing a new application, I wanted to take a moment to point out how awesome the Facebook app is, and how much easier smart phones have made our Facebook Lives, especially when it comes to sharing.

I rarely post status updates or anything like that via my phone, mostly because my phone sucks and it pains me.

But when it comes to sharing photos, videos or links, the Facebook app has made things so easier I can’t imagine how we did it before.

To be honest I can’t even remember the last time I used my digital camera.

It sits in a cupboard at home, with no batteries, no memory card, and I have no idea where the cord is that connects it my computer. And I don’t care.

Remember taking photos with your digital camera, waiting until you got home to plug your camera into your computer, and then upload a photo album?

I doubt many people bothered with that entire process for one or two singular photos, and that whole process just sounds gross.

Now, it’s so easy to snap a photo on your phone, make it look awesome with Instagram or whatever, and upload it directly to Facebook within a couple of seconds.

Walking the streets and see something cool you want to show people straight away? Bam. Hate your profile photo and want to take a cool selfie? Done.

Want to show people how cool you are by checking in at the latest hipster Chinese restaurant with an even cooler photo of your food? No worries.

Seriously – Facebook has made My Life on Facebook so easy. Thanks heaps!