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Android App of the Week - Google Play

I wonder if many people have actually reviewed the app that gets you all your apps, Google Play?

Because as I was navigating through the site earlier today it got me thinking; surely the app that gets you all your apps has to be pretty good?

This combined with the Google Play Services that you have to have installed (for some odd reason it seems), is the gateway to all things good on Android.

Now, both the website and the phone app aren’t the most modern of looking applications. The website is far too cluttered for my liking, making it hard to find things.

However, once you have navigated the site enough and found those things you were looking for, there’s heaps of info. Updates, reviews, descriptions… all those good things you want to know about the games and apps you are purchasing.

The app is a bit harder to read. On my phone it works quite slowly but it has all that great information you need.

You can search for other apps based on different categories, whether they are free or you have to purchase them, the latest games or news apps, Editor’s Choice, Staff Choice, things like that. Or you can search via name in the search bar. Fantastic.

I have no idea why I need Google Play Services on my phone, except to take up all my memory. That is annoying.

I’m sure there’s some great techgeek reason why it must be stored on my phone, like perhaps Google Play won’t work without it, or other apps won’t work as well or at all without it (apparently Youtube won’t work unless you have it); I don’t know. But I hate it.

I do think Google would do well to give both the website and the phone app a bit of a makeover. It’s not the best looking. Make it less cluttered, and more modern looking.

Then I think it would be a wonderful app to get all your other apps. But I guess the best thing about it is it does its job. I can always find the apps I want.

It delivers the apps to my phone every time and quickly. It never freezes or goes weird and shuts down my phone.

So good job Google.