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Android App of the Week - Grabaseat

I always forget to check grabaseat so I always end up missing out on the good deals that come up.

But now that I’m waiting for a good deal for a particular destination (Dunedin, to see Aerosmith, ooooh yeah), I decided it may be a good idea to get the app so I can get alerts straight on my phone.

It’s a pretty basic and straight forward app, which I like. It’s easy; I just jump on from wherever I am and I can have a look at what cheap flights are available.

I can also check out the reverse auctions too, but I don’t really bother with those as I got the app for a specific purpose. Cheap flights to Dunedin!

You can set alerts for particular destinations, at any price, or only those under a certain price, or whatever.

You can also get auction alerts too, if you’re interested in those. And it’s not only for flights; you can check out getaway deals on the app too.

I’ve gone through some of the user reviews on the Play website, and it looks as though since the latest update happened it crashes for some people.

I haven’t had it crash on me yet so they may have possibly sorted out all the kinks.

Anyway, I like it because I can check it wherever I am, and the alerts ensure I won’t miss out when those flights to Dunedin come up.

Fingers crossed!