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Android App of the Week - Hoyts Cinemas

Yes! It’s a movies app! And there’s so much on here!

Where to start… most important I guess is being able to book tickets. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. You can buy your tickets and secure the seats you want instantly.

Search the latest movies that are out and read through tons of information about them, then use your phone’s GPS to find out the nearest Hoyts Cinema to your location, get the latest session times, filter by favourite premium screens whether it be La Premiere, Xtremescreen, Directors Suite or whatever, buy your tickets, pick your seats… movies made easy!

It’s simple to use and it does what it should, and it looks nice. It could be even better if it had links to trailers or links to IMBD or review sites like Rotten Tomatoes. Hopefully stuff like that will come in future updates.

You can filter out cinemas by certain characteristics – maybe you need Closed Captions or want 3D, or wheelchair accessible theatres. How helpful!

Handy little app for all you movie lovers out there!