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Android App of the Week - IMDb

Look up all your favourite movies and TV shows on the IMDb app.

It works just like the website so it’s super handy when you’re out with friends trying to find some info about a movie such as who’s in it, or if you want to check out a trailer if you’re going to the movies or deciding what TV show to buy from the web.

There is SO much to do on this app. Not only can you watch trailers, you can also read reviews, quotes and trivia about films or celebrities, search page after page of interesting facts.

There are message boards which are always a great read and you can rate movies yourself too.

There are also cool sections that you can search on, like the top rated movies of all time, top celebrities of the day, most popular TV shows, etc etc.

A sweet feature is the notification setting. If you login using your IMDb or Facebook account, you can get notifications on movie titles for trailers, photos and news.

The reason the app is so good is because it is neat for film buffs who want to know everything about an actor, a director or a movie, and it usually has way more information than Wikipedia.

But then it also caters for people who just want to find something out or watch a trailer to help decide what movie to go see.

If you’re struggling to remember what that movie was that you saw that actor in that one time, this app has you covered. Good entertainment.

Shannon Williams

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