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Android App of the Week - InstaPicFrame for Instagram

If you’re obsessed with Instagram like me, this photo app is a great addition.

I get so obsessed with taking cool photos that I was starting to get bored with Instagram, so this handy little app allows me to do extra things! Yus.

The app contains several templates that allow you to merge your photos together, like a scrapbook.

You can customise the style or use the templates provided, choose from a variety of frames and backgrounds, add effects like lace and shadows and whole lot more, all to make those boring photos look extra cool and to get you more hearts on Instagram or likes on Facebook – which is really the whole point, right?!

There’s Frame Mode, Camera Mode and Pro Mode, and it’s really only limited by your imagination. Then it’s easy to share directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or wherever.

You can even continue to make the new collage even more awesome by adding more effects on Instagram. Awesome.

The biggest flaw the app has is that there are no instructions on how to actually use it, you have to figure it out for yourself.

This wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t make me think I was missing out on either more cool things within the app, or I was doing cool things the hard way. But practise will make perfect, hopefully.

So, make sure you’ve got lots of time on your hands so you can get carried away with your photos, like I did. Love it.

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