18 Oct 2012
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Android App of The Week - MightyText

By Shannon Williams

Text straight from your computer with the MightyText app!

Really handy if you’re (somehow) low on credit, or those annoying times when your phone is flat but you have a computer handy.

By downloading the app to your phone and then going onto the MightyText website, you can send texts straight from your computer or laptop.

But why would you bother? I hear you ask. Well, I can think of a few good instances where this app may be very useful:

• If you have an anal boss who gets very picky about how much time you spend on your phone, this will be perfect. No more hiding in the bathroom stall to text your BFF. Text straight from your PC at work, all day every day! Just make sure they don’t come up behind you.

• If you are on your computer in your living room and you have left your phone in your bedroom, and you are far too lazy to go and get it (this happens to me on an everyday basis).

• If you leave your phone at home and can’t stand the idea of not texting for the entire day.

• If you’re in class and you don’t want to be That Guy on your phone during a lecture.

There’s probably plenty more instances where you’d use this, but I think I’ve sold it enough.

The web interface can be a bit slow at times. But the draw card here is the convenience of texting at your computer, while still having all the texting go through the phone so all your messages are in sync.

It syncs your contacts too so you don’t have to worry about texting the wrong person or having to update your contact list on the computer.

Very handy!!

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