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Android App of the Week - Photoshop Touch

I rarely ever review paid apps, basically just because I am a big cheapo. But oooh. Photoshop Touch for your phone? Yes please.

The app allows you to transform your photos with all the core Photoshop features, and by transform I mean make yourself look awesome, in every single photo, and then, of course, share it on Facebook and Twitter.

From layers, to adjustments and filters, create mind blowing, professional-looking photos that give Instagram a run for its money.

Unlike Instagram, you can alter certain parts of your images, or all of it, whatever you like. Add text, paint strokes, art, or use another photo to fill up an area of another photo.

Take one photo, and then another, and join them together. Get a photo of your face, and add flowers or lights or butterflies or fire! Lordy!

By purchasing the app you’ll also get a free Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, allowing you to automatically sync your projects from your phone to your tablet and your computer.

Note you’ll need to purchase a separate Photoshop Touch for your tablet, which is kinda not cool.

Pretty much for $6.49, you’re going to get the coolest photo app you can get for your phone. It’s Photoshop for your phone! And it’s touch! Come on!