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Android App of the Week - Simple MP3 Downloader
Thu, 21st Feb 2013
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Now, I’ve had this app for a while to avoid any scary detection notifications from my internet provider for downloading music for free off the net.

Saying that, I don’t understand how this is legal either, but until told otherwise, The Simple mp3 Downloader app allows me to download whatever I like.

It’s pretty basic. Search under artist or song title, pick a link, press download, and within a couple minutes (sometimes far less), bam! You’ve got the latest One Direction song, right there on your phone.

I’ve had it since I first got my current phone, about eight months ago. It’s never crashed. There are no ads. It’s simple and no fuss.

Flaws, I hear you ask. Had to tap my brain for this one.

Sometimes the links are faulty and you only know once you have waited for the download to finish. But what’s two minutes of your life?

And you can select the “play” button before you download to make sure it’s the right song or the right version or whatever.

It’s handy because the song goes directly to your music files, and it’s really, really quick. Also your search results will give you heaps of different versions and remixes.

But, the best part (besides it being free), is that you don’t have to wait until you get home to download a song. Do it on the go.

If your friends are talking about a song you haven’t yet heard, just download it, there and then. Or you hear a song on the radio you love, just download it, there and then.

Play, play away.