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Android App of the Week - SkyScanner

Compare thousands of flights worldwide with the Skyscanner app.

The free app will help you get the best deals and lowest fares that you can buy directly from travel agents or airlines.

If you’re in a rush or get interrupted while looking for flights, you can email the deals to yourself so you can look at the later on, without having to do another search.

If you’re travelling with other people you can share the deals you find with them.

It’s really handy whether you’re going to one location or many, because you can search all airlines and all travel sites, and the app will present you with the best deals to compare.

You can search along the dateline to find flight prices around the time you’re planning on travelling.

The interface is simple and easy to use, and it’s even easier and clearer than many other travel comparison sites on your computer screen. However like a lot of travel sites, the cheapest fare option is not always available once you click through.

A great feature is the widget, where you can select a certain destination and date and the app will search daily for flights for that exact place and date, which is super handy, because looking for flights can be so time consuming, especially if you’re going on a big trip with several stops.

Download the Skyscanner app now – it’s must have for any frequent flyer or traveller!