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Android App of the Week - SwiftKey Keyboard

There’s nothing worse than a bad keyboard on a touch screen phone, and my phone came with the.worst.one.

Luckily for me, a friend of my mine put me onto the SwiftKey Keyboard trial, which was free for about 30 days, from memory.

When the trial ran out I didn’t hesitate to pay for the full version, and have recommended it to every new Android user I know. It’s crazy-accurate.

Like actual crazy, to the point where my silly little brain can’t fathom how it knows exactly what I am trying to say, even when I press every wrong letter.

And it remembers what I put in, suggesting each word in a sentence I am planning to text out. You can personalise your keyboard too.

Not just in colours, but how you type. I’m fast and not very accurate, so it’s very much based on prediction, and the predictions are always accurate.

It’s the best auto correct ever. You can enable up to three different languages at once, for multi-lingual typing.

You can switch from tapping to the flow feature, which is where you just press the space bar for the next word to come up.

You can type entire sentences by pressing the space bar. I know right! AND great news!

The full version is on sale, so if you haven’t got it already, make the switch and get SwiftKey Keyboard for your Android. Do it.