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Android App of the Week - Top Ten Aerosmith Songs

Before I start, I know you can just download entire albums onto your phone anyway.

But because I don’t have an entire digital Aerosmith collection (I still have CDs, and cassettetapes, what about it?), my eyes went “oooh” when I saw I could download an app that is simply, Aerosmith Top 10 Songs.

What a fabulous way to thrash their best songs in preparation for their concert!

Not only are you given the “best” (arguably) tracks, this handy little app provides you with some background info on each song, and quite a decent amount of info too, as well as links to the videos on Youtube.

Besides the Youtube link, you’ll get links to the Wiki page for further reading, lyrics, a link to Amazon to buy Aerosmith music and what not, and a link to purchase the ringtone, on top of a nice little biography about the band.

How cool is that! There is more than one section within the app too, there’s a News icon, which will (slowly) connect you to the latest news headlines.

Then there’s the Latest Aerosmith Pics, Mentions and More icon, the Aeromsith Quote icon, the Aeromsith Gifs icon, the Aerosmith Photo Blog icon, Aerosmith Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook… need I go on?

Now relax, I know not everyone is an Aerosmith fan (it’s not your fault, kind of).

You can go onto Google Play and get a whole bunch of “top ten” apps for a whole bunch of bands; just search their name on Google Play.

Seriously, it’s the ultimate concert preparation application. That’s what they should call it.

Well toodles, I’m off to thrash Dream On.