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Android App of the Week - TripIt

I wish I knew about this app before I went on my big trip a few months back.

Trying to organise flights, tours, airport transfers and all that stuff with different airlines, tour agents as well as trying to match up my flights with my friend’s flights proved to be a big old mare. Plus having to keep hold of all the documentation while travelling pained me.

TripIt is like a simple, step by step travel diary. You can enter in all your travel dates, flight numbers, arrival times and you’ve got it all there in one place. Finally. No more searching through inboxes trying to find the right attachment or the right confirmation email, or carrying a silly clear file around with all that stuff printed off. Um, shame.

You can forward all your airline, car rental and hotel bookings to TripIt and it will organise it all for you on your phone, allowing you to access this info at any time or place. Offline too. Create separate itineraries for each trip or each destination, and add or edit as you see fit.

It’s great that you can share all your plans with friends or family, so they know where you’re going and when. They’ll have all the contact details for all your hotels, and know what days you’ll be there and for how long. No more having to print out all your flight details and hotel contact details so your mum can keep them for safekeeping.

If you upgrade to TripIt Pro, you can get on-the-go flights alerts, so you’ll know straight away if there’s delays to your flight. But, it’s a bit steep at 49 bucks, especially when you can look up all this stuff for free.

It would be cool if had a feature for how you spend your holiday money, so you can see how much you’re spending on each flight, each hotel, each meal.

It’s nothing new in the sense that if you’re organised you can use Google Calendar, but if you’re travelling around and you’ve got lots of flight and hotel reservations to keep track of, with a quick look you know where you’ve gotta be and when. Plus you can feel super cool seeing how fun your life is by looking at all your upcoming trips!

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