FutureFive NZ - Android App of the Week - Who wants to be a Millionaire?

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Android App of the Week - Who wants to be a Millionaire?

I do! But for now I will be happy to play this well-loved TV trivia game just for funsies on my phone.

Set up exactly like the show, your aim is to correctly answer a bunch of trivia questions and win the million dollar prize.

With the same helpful hints, Ask the Audience, Phone a Friend and 50/50, it’s straight forward, fun and challenging.

There are 15 levels and you can either play at your leisure or against the timer, if you want to make it even more exciting.

Now, some advice. Don’t trust the friends you are phoning. They’re not very smart. That is the game’s biggest downfall. This option is practically useless and you’re better off going for something they don’t pick for you.

And, it is repetitive – the game, and the questions. You aren’t playing against anyone else so you don’t really win at all unless you happen to get to a million. I wouldn’t normally care about these things if the game was free, but it’s $3.70 to buy and I’m cheap.

The layout of the game is really simple and straightforward, and the graphics are good too. But why is this game a keeper?

It’s really, really addictive. As much as it might get repetitive, you will still say to yourself, just one more go. Again, again and again.

And to me, that’s the test of a good game or not, and why I’m still playing – at least until I get my millions bucks.

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