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Android App Review: Napp

13 Apr 2015

Napp is a nap-timing app, because what else could it be with that name? It’s pretty much obligatory that someone would do this, and I guess I’m pleased that I live in a world where someone made an app for naps and called it Napp. If I’d looked it up on the app store and it hadn’t existed then I would have had to make it, and that seems like a hassle.

Napp’s Google store description promises simplicity and it certainly delivers. The app lets you start a timer, and when it runs out your alarm goes off. You can set a default duration for the countdown ranging from ten minutes to 90 (I guess any longer than that and you’re no longer napping, you’re sleeping). That’s really all there is to it. If you want to quickly pop your head down for half an hour then turning on Napp is a lot quicker and easier than setting an alarm on your phone – a couple of button taps and it’s there. I know setting an alarm the regular way isn’t hugely difficult, but it does take a little thinking, and that extra bit of mental effort is exactly what you don’t want just before you try and doze off.

If I was being picky I’d ask for the option to make custom times for my nap countdowns – if ten minutes is too short and 20 minutes is too long, there isn’t a way to easily set it for 15. This is a small complaint, and I’m sure the ten-minute increments will be fine for most people in most situations. It just seems like it wouldn’t have been too much of an addition to let people set custom durations if they wanted to.

Using Napp is more convenient than just using the phone’s alarm. It totally is. Is it worth making a whole app for? I don’t know. I guess so. And as far as downloading a whole app just for this one function – sure, why not? It’s free, it doesn’t have ads, it’ll take you less time to download than it would to set an alarm, and once you’ve got it you’ve got an instant nap alarm every time you feel drowsy, no more set-up or thinking required. I think I’ve said before in these reviews that I’m a fan of apps that do less, but do it better – well Napp is just about the epitome of that. It really only does this one thing, but it does this one thing really well.

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