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Android powers forward: Details on the upcoming OS

Google is getting ready to release the next Version of Android, Android O. According to the New York Times, a ‘developers preview’ was released on March 21 for the benefit of app developers, so they could begin to work with the upcoming system.

The official public release probably won’t happen until later this year, as Google endeavours to refine the system through rigorous testing to ensure it is in release shape.

Expected features include an improved support for keyboard navigation of Android apps, as well as improved control of on screen notifications. On top of this, picture-in-picture video is getting some fine tuning so users can keep watching media such as YouTube videos while they shift around through other apps. Audio fidelity via Bluetooth connections will be strengthened, and there will be an improvement to Wi-Fi Aware technology. Wi-Fi Aware allows compatible devices to connect when there is no network data or wi-fi connection available.

Google says there will be a “deep dive on all things Android” at the annual Google I/O conference coming up on May 17 of this year. These events are usually very developer-oriented and Google will use the opportunity to show off all upcoming new software.

There is no official release date or official name, with both being announced later this year after further development efforts. Expect an announcement coming about which hardware models are eligible for the new Android operating system.

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