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Anno 2070 teaser trailer released

In preparation for its unveiling at this year’s Gamescom trade fair, which is to be held in Cologne from August 17 to 21, Ubisoft have released the teaser trailer for Anno 2070.

Anno 2070 is the fifth game in the popular real-time strategy and city-building game. The first game in the series, Anno 1602, debuted way back in 1998.

The series places an emphasis on discovery and settlement to play out what is, in effect, a colony and trading simulation. Unlike similar real time strategy games, war is not a central dynamic of the gameplay, allowing players to get on and build huge cities.

Each addition to the series allows players to explore the unique situations and technologies inspired by different historic time periods. The series has thus far enabled players to experience the colonisation of the New World in Anno 1602 and 1503, global exploration and trade in Anno 1701 and renaissance Europe in Anno 1404. Anno 2070 is the first to take a look at mankind’s future.

The world of Anno 2070 is suffering the effects of climate change. Sea levels have risen and Earth’s natural resources are almost depleted. Players will be challenged to work in harmony with nature or to pursue industrial growth and accept the environmental consequences.

The futuristic setting of the game will provide players with new technologies that that have yet to be developed and take them to places that the series has never take them before. Anno 2070 provides a fresh take on an established game dynamic without being constrained to historical boundaries.

Players may experience the world of 2070 by playing though the challenge-based story-driven campaign, the open sandbox-style continuous mode or along with other players via either LAN or online multiplayer. The game features a new, specially developed version of the Anno game engine to allow players to realise their own world of tomorrow.

Anno 2070 should be available for Windows PC later this year. Look out for more details, including a release date soon.

Check out the Gamescom teaser trailer below.

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