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Anxious about disconnection

More people are getting stressed out if they’re stuck somewhere without the Internet or mobile phone coverage, a new British survey says.The study, released by Virgin Media and compiled by the Future Laboratory, shows the extent to which the Internet is playing an increasingly important role in everyday life.Out of the thousand people who were questioned on their Internet-related habits, 36% revealed that they feel highly stressed when they lose their Internet connection/phone signal in a social environment – compared to just 29% who feel that they become liberated.The results are similar when people are disconnected at work, with 29% getting anxious and just 28% feeling that such event allows them to detach from the daily grind.As many as 85% of full-time mothers always have the Internet turned on at home, while a third of people said they no longer felt any sense of guilt about always being "connected" either by having their mobile phone or computer turned on. Psychologist James Brook puts it down to our over-reliance on the various modes of communication. He believes that disconnection can lead to having a "negative impact on our emotional wellbeing and peace of mind because we might miss an important email or a phone call, an old friend may try to get in touch via Facebook or breaking news may come in".

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