30 Jul 2013
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AOC unveils new monitors with 20th Century Fox

AOC, a global leader in Display Manufacturing, has partnered with 20th Century Fox to launch two new monitors in conjunction with the release of The Wolverine.

The company, which entered the display markers in New Zealand in 1999, have released the AOC 69V Series AH-IPS monitors and 21:9 Cinema Monitor Q2963PM.

AOC 69V Series

Equipped with the Clear Vision image performance engine, the 69V Series features Ultra-high Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 20,000,000:1 to reveal darker areas of content with greater depth.

The model is highly connectable with Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) technology, directly connecting smartphones or other mobile devices to the 21.5” display.

The MHL connector also charges your smartphone while you mirror its display. The monitor also has built-in speakers, with HDMI and DisplayPort connections.

AOC 69V Series features include:

• Wide View - No changes in brightness or colour from any viewing angle.

• Real Colour - Consistent, uniform colour at all points on the screen.

• Solid Panel - No trails, puddling or flashing from touching the screen.

Cinema Monitor

AOC’s first 21:9 aspect ratio Cinema Monitor offers a widescreen movie viewing experience with no top and bottom black bars.

With Screen+ software, AOC says you can enjoy a Multi Task Worktable with desktop splitting into up to four separate panes to enhance productivity.

The monitor also supports the latest DisplayPort input and daisy-chain configuration while it is equipped with PIP (Picture in Picture) and PBP (Picture by Picture) functions.

The cinema-wide monitor is designed with an ultra slim bezel and features a titanium finish, designed to offer a space-saving addition to home or office.

Cinema Monitor features include:

• WFHD 2560x1080 resolution - With its advanced IPS LED technology, and 2560x1080 high resolution screen, you can now view brilliant images.

• Cinematic experience on super wide screen - Immerse yourself in movies without imitating top and bottom black bars with this new, cinematic 21:9 super wide screen.

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