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App of the Week: Pocket

02 May 2012

Available on both iOS and Android, Pocket is a nice little app that allows you to file things for later. Once installed you can sign up for a Pocket account directly from the app and then it’s just a case of browse and - put it in your Pocket. 

The app works by saving a link back to where you were so you can visit it later without having to wade through all the sites you visited during the day. Simply tap the share button on your phone and select mail this link - the link will be sent to your Pocket. Your Pocket app, I mean, not your...oh never mind. 

In fact there are over 300 apps - iOS and Android - from which you can simply capture the link to your pocket, making it perfect for those times when you are doing one thing and your eye is caught by something else but you don’t have time to check it out. Twitter is the best example of this - Pocket allows you to keep that link that looked really interesting but you absolutely could not look at because you were about to go into a board meeting. Simply send it to pocket and read it when you get home. 

Pocket also has a web app which allows you to pocket things while browsing the web - and of course it all syncs nicely back to your phone.