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App of the Week: Tax Toolbox

I’m not sure if I belong to that subset of people who will ever find tax especially interesting, let alone exciting – other than when I’m getting a refund of course – but I have to say, this is one nifty little app.

Free to download and available on both iOS and Android, Wise Advice's Tax Toolbox allows you to calculate GST, personal tax, PAYE, and provisional tax, all with a few swift clicks. Need to know a GST inclusive or exclusive price? Just put the figure you have in the box, click the button and you have the GST component. Need to know what your income tax is likely to be? Type in your gross earnings and it will reward you with a breakdown of the tax you will owe.  What about PAYE? Not sure how a gross salary translates into a net one? You guessed it – the Tax Toolbox takes care of it.

It also allows you to set reminders to pay your various tax instalments, whether they be provisional, GST or PAYE, and has a really good 'latest news' button with great information on both business and tax from a variety of sources.

Not intended to replace the official calculations from the IRD but as a tool to help you in day to day business life, the app is quick and easy to install, has a crisp, clear interface, and there are no distractions or clumsy logins to interfere with use.

For those times when you need to work out tax for a meeting, an interview, or even just to calculate GST for a client, this is an efficient way of getting the information you need.

And let’s face it, if it helps you avoid costly penalties alone thanks to the reminder component, it will be worth it.

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