19 Jul 2013
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Angry Birds Apple Review

App Review: Angry Birds Space

By Benjamin Matthews

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you would’ve heard of Angry Birds by now.

You know…. those feathering beck pecking birds that slingshot themselves at their enemies, the evil pigs who have stolen their eggs, in a weird kamikaze style.

I could even imagine them scream kamikaze as they dash into their targets, much like the game Worms.

From newcomers to veterans alike, Angry Birds Space has a lot to offer, with the addition of gravitational planets which adds new complexity to an old formula.

With this in mind, when a bird is in open space it floats forward until it hits another object, which causes it to rebound, or comes into contact with one of the planets’ gravitational field, causing the birds to obit the planet destroying anything in its path before crashing down onto the planet’s surface.

The addition of planets allows the player to tackle a level from different angles. Do you want to take the evil pigs face on, or do you want to attack them from the back, using gravity to your advantage?

Furthermore, the developers have added new bird types, such as the purple triangle bird that hones in on where you point, or the light blue bird that freezes whatever it comes into contact with, allowing one of your other bird types to finish whatever’s been frozen.

From levels ranging from icy planets, candy coated worlds, to water planets, Angry Birds Space is a game that’ll keep you occupied during boring period of waiting, whether it’s the bus or a meeting.

Unfortunately, the game is much easier than its predecessors, with the inclusion of an aiming line, allowing the game to be clocked a much shorter time.

Despite not living up to the original game, Angry Birds Space is a great addition to the series.

Rating: 4.5/5

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