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App Review: Cut the Rope

The barren wasteland known as Russia is known for a few things; the birthplace of modern communism, crappy cars, and mega nuclear fallouts.

For many years its only contribution to the gaming industry is the revolutionary Tetris, which was released almost 30 years ago. Since then Russia hasn’t offered much when it comes to gaming… until now.

There something cute and adorable about Om Nom, the little green monster you’re tasked to feed in the game Cut the Rope.

You must navigate a piece of candy through each level so that Om Nom can gobble it up. To move the candy you must either cut ropes that are tied to the sweet, letting the candy float in the air via a bubble, or by many other constructions.

In fact, the developers keep adding in new features throughout the game, keeping it varied and interesting.

From magic hats that transport the candy to a new level, moving trampolines, and rockets that launch the candy in a specific directions, there isn’t a boring moment in this game.

Although some of the levels are tricky, with the use of logic these level can be completed.

Besides feeding Om Nom, you must also steer the candy to collect stars, three in each level, which is needed to unlock latter levels.

You feel satisfied whenever you succeed in feeding Om Nom, and you’ll feel guilty whenever you drop the candy into the abyss whilst Om Nom gives you a sad and disappointed face.

With over 300 levels, this game will keep you busy for many hours. Without a doubt, Cut the Rope is one of the best games for the iOS, and will definitely make the manly Putin weep for joy.

Rating: 5/5