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App Review - Fastar!

Gone are the days when people read along epics works of fiction. No more War and Peace, or Tales of Two Cities. Instead, unless it’s in film format, now-a-day’s generation will ignore it. The game thing applies to the RPG format. No more do you get a million hour campaign like Final Fantasy VII. Instead you get a messy finger bashing jumble such as Kingdom Hearts that doesn’t have much substance. Faster takes this to the extreme. Instead of investing many hours into levelling up your characters, you only have a few minutes to make you character as powerful as possible. Once the level is over, all experience you gain is lost, making you start from scratch again in the next play though.

In Fastar you play a boy with a bow tie, who vainly walks from left to right, attacking any enemies, all which are the same square but with different colours, attempting to win a prize, such as a free car or something even more useless. The combat is simple. All you have to do is swipe you sword at the enemy squares a few times to defeat them. There isn’t much strategy to it; just a finger bashing affair. You do have spells, but the game only allows you to choose one per play through, unless you’re playing through the mage mode and then you only get to choose two.

I can understand what the developers were attempting, but sadly it fall flat on its face. The art design is really the only selling point here, with its cardboard cut-out appearance, but beyond that there isn’t much here to write home about. You have different modes, such as being bombarded with enemies. However it gets really tired very quickly. What looked like an attempt a parodying the RPG genre; Faster simply becomes an uninspiring joke.

Rating: 1/5